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390th Memorial Museum

a proud supporter...

We are honored to be a proud supporter of the 390th Memorial Museum. We found this relationship to be a natural fit considering our military history and Kevin's long and distinguished Air Force aviation career. Kevin has always been fascinated with WWII aircraft and the stories of the heroes that flew them.  At 8 years old, he set his sights on serving his country by charting his path to fly the most advanced and challenging aircraft the Air Force had to offer. Although Kevin has flown multiple aircraft in his career, his most cherished accomplishment is his 25 years and 3500+ hours in the F-16.  To show our gratitude, WFV supports the 390th foundation by sharing revenue produced by bottle sales of a specially selected Zinfandel.  Each bottle proudly displays a customized label designed by the talented aviation artist, Jim Laurier.  View his talented work by clicking [here].

   Join us in supporting this special organization and the generation who bravely gave so much to fly and maintain these historic aircraft during our world's very difficult times.  You can order these unique bottles of our wine from inside our wine store.  Just look for the special 390th label.

The Wilhelm Family